CBCT Scanning

The Cone Beam CT Scanner, also known as the CBCT, produces a fast, hi-res, accurate visual image of your teeth and jaw in 3-D.

  • All images are viewed progressively through the tooth, not only in the same plane as a conventional x-ray image but also in the vertical bucco-lingual plane (outside to inside), and in the horizontal plane.
  • The image produced in this way allows for a three dimensional mapping of the tooth and surrounding bone. This means that changes can often be seen that would otherwise not be seen on a conventional x-ray image.
  • A 3-D undistorted view of your teeth provides us with invaluable information when it comes to planning treatment and is particularly vital for dental implant and orthodontic planning and treatment.

Investing in such hi-tech equipment means we can offer our patients the very highest level of dental care and continue to provide successful outcomes for all patients no matter how complex the case.

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