What type of filling?

We offer the old-style grey, amalgam fillings but, these days, most patients want bright, white teeth so we also offer long-lasting, white fillings which deliver a lovely aesthetic finish to enhance your smile.

White or Composite fillings

Old-style silver or grey amalgam fillings are less expensive than white composite resin fillings but if maintaining a natural-looking smile is important to you then the additional cost will be worth it. We only use high-quality composites which are known for their exceptional performance and durability and we’ll match the colour of your natural teeth and preserve your smile.

We use a minimally invasive technique when putting in white composite resin fillings and ensure only decayed tissue is removed during treatment.

Replacing silver fillings

Many of our patients ask us to replace their old silver fillings with white composite for cosmetic reasons or concern over mercury content in their older amalgam fillings. The British Dental Association states that all dental amalgam is a safe filling material and we are guided them, however, we’re happy to discuss your concerns and take the appropriate action.

Inlays and Onlays for larger cavities

For small to medium sized cavities white fillings are best. You may consider inlays or onlays for large cavities. For more information check out our Inlays and Onlays page.

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