Fixed Braces

Using fixed metal braces, attached directly to teeth, to straighten teeth has been used successfully for many years within the orthodontic industry. Fixed braces are effective because they move teeth into their desired position slowly using metal wires and brackets. The force (torque) applied to teeth is gradual and adjusted throughout your treatment and produces a beautiful looking, natural-looking smile by the end of treatment. The brackets used can be conventional metal or tooth-coloured if you’d like the wires and brackets to blend into your natural teeth and be less noticeable. We offer a number of fixed brace as well as other orthodontic treatment options and are happy to discuss them all with you at your first consultation.

The brackets can be conventional metal, or if aesthetics are important to you we can place tooth-coloured brackets that are much less visible, such as Six-Month Smiles.

If you are looking for an experienced practice that offers fixed brace treatments, we will be happy to discuss treatment options with you and provide information about the different systems.

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