Inman Aligner

Inman Aligners use a special retainer-like set-up which is put over the dental arch to gradually re-locate the teeth into correct alignment. This treatment is best for those patients who are looking to properly align the bottom and top front six teeth.

Improvement in some patients is seen in just a couple of weeks, while others have to wear the aligners for some months. In any case, the treatment time is very less noticeable and patients don’t need to wear train-tracks to improve their smile, so it’s a more comfortable way to straighten your teeth.


  • Short treatment time (10-16 weeks). Get your new smile quickly!
  • No extractions means less cost and more comfort
  • No embarrassment – removable for desirable occasions such as weddings, parties and anniversaries.
  • Confidence booster – Beautiful smile and better oral health
  • More accessible – lower cost than other orthodontic treatments

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