Six Month Smiles

Six month smiles use wires and brackets which are tooth-coloured and placed to move your teeth to the desired position in just six months. This treatment is ideal for patients on a deadline for that perfect smile.

We use special nickel-titanium wires and focuses primarily on moving the teeth that are visible when you smile. By concentrating on your front rather than back teeth we can achieve the results you’re looking for in a much quicker timeframe.

  • Shorter treatment times
  • Discreet and comfortable
  • Helps crooked, twisted or gapped smiles

Will I have to wear a retainer?

Similar to any other treatments which deal with straightening your teeth, a retainer is necessary. It helps to maintain the straight position of your teeth and prevents them from being out of alignment. You can choose to wear either a fixed retainer or removable retainer.

What about cost?

We also offer various payment options. Please ask your dentist for more details.

Before Six Month Smiles

After Six Month Smiles

Before Six Month Smiles

After Six Month Smiles

For more information visit the Six Months Smiles website:

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